Uttara Kamakshi Temple »

A replica of the Sri Kanchi Kamakshi temple was constructed and consecrated on February 19, 2006. The Sanctum Sanctorium of the temple is similar to Sri Kanchi Kamakshi temple except that a Maha Meru Pratishta will be done instead of the Srichakra of Salagrama sila that Adi Sankara consecrated before Devi Kamakshi at Kanchi.

The idol of the Goddess in the form of Rajarajeswari, in the sitting posture with four hands holding in them a bow of sugarcane, five flower arrows, noose and a goad respectively, is 5.8 ft. tall and was made at Kanchipuram by the sculptor Ramakrishna Stapathy. The sanctum Sanctorium will have 18 pillars and will be illuminated with natural ghee lamps. No electricity would be provided. To the right of the Devi murthi, there will be placed an idol of Tapas Kamakshi, with one foot fixed on the ground and the other bent to touch the navel, with the right hand kept on the heart and with matted lock on the head. Also carved on the wall of the sanctum sanatorium are the images of eight manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi.

On the right side of the garbhagraha, on the outer surface of the wall are the murthis of Adivaraha and of Swarupa lakshmi. In the inner prakara, there are shrines of Annapum, Bangaru Kamakshi, Utsava Kamakshi and Saraswati.