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Functions held in the Temple
(The Following Events are the salient features in the temple complex.)



14th April 2007

Vishu ( Vishukani) New Year

19th April 2007

Akshaya Trithiya

21st April 2007

Sri Sankara Jayanthi

2nd May 2007

Chitra Pournima

31st May 2007

Maha Periaval Jayanthi

31st July 2007

H.H. Sri Jayendra Saeaswathy Swamikal Jayanthi

27th August 2007

Rig Veda Upakarma

28th August 2007

Yajur Veda Upakarma

3rd September 2007


13th September 2007

Sama Veda Upakarma

15th Sept too 25th Sept 2007

Vinaya Chaturthi Mahostavam

12th Oct 2007 to 21st Oct 2007

Sharada Navarathri

25th October 2007


8th November 2007


9th November 2007

Laxmi Pooja

24th November 2007

Karthikai Deepam

17th  December 2007 to 14th January 2008

Dhanur Masa Pooja

24th December 2007

Arudra Darshanam
Mahaperiaval Aradhanai

8th January 2008 ( 30th Dec 2007 to 8th Jan 2008)

Hanumath Jayanthi Bramostavam ( festival starts 10 days in advance)

6th March 2008

Maha Shivrathri

7th April 2008

Vasantha Navarathri

13th April 2008

Sri Ramanavami

April, 2007 to March, 2008: Monthly Twice Pradosham, Sankashti and Navavarna Pooja on Poornima Day and other important days are performed.